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That is a great project Elizabeth, and one that is going to be really powerful too.

I'm not sure how I will do with my photo a day project. I have committed and would love to see it though but I have made it totally clear to myself that I may not take a photo a day but I will have 365 photos taken this year which will be apart of my project.

Hmmmm... sounds like fun Elizabeth! Have a Happy and Blessed New Year. :)

oh Elizabeth that is fun!
I'll try for a photo a week too. That is much better than daily :)

My word is "greatness" I will apply it to everything I do.

sweet indigo life has changed to the dreaming press

Love to you in 2010~ I'll be here to cheer you on!

Hi Elizabeth. My word for 2010 is Fearless.

And I too am a 365 dropout. I have considered starting again - but 52 images sounds easier to do. Thanks - I'm glad I thought of it (hahaha) :oP

Great word! My word this year is blooming. I actually opened a tumblr account to document this. I am attempting to do a photo a day...but won't beat myself up if I miss a few days (or weeks). A very joyus new year to you!

I do want to join you, elizabeth. My word of the year is FOCUS! How perfect is that?

I suspect one a week is doable for me, and I like the concept of documenting our process with our words of the year as guidance. Great brainwave you had, and I can't wait to see what you come up with for "joy." Your photographs are such a delight to begin with :)

Happy New Year! Glad I discovered your blog in 2009.

I do! But I don't have a word yet. I'll find it and get back to you!

What fun, Elizabeth! I'm a snapshot-taker, not a photographer, but I would love to join the fun. My word is smile, as in things that make me smile. One of the things that made me smile today was seeing a little girl learning to ride her bicycle. Alas, I did not take a picture. But just thinking about it makes me smile!

@sherron: i love your word! that would be such a fun one to capture with snapshots! and your unphotographable moment made me smile.

@leanne: yay! report back, please.

@meredith: oh my gosh! that is so perfectly perfect! (i have a feeling that there will be a furry one in lots of them. hee. he is the one thing that always exemplifies joy for me.)

@caroline: i am looking forward to seeing your photos! blooming would be fun to capture - particularly in the spring.

@angie: ah. that is a great word. i'm so glad you thought of the 52 photo idea too! ;-p

@gillian: i read your post about your choice - loved the idea behind it.

@holly: the same to you. :)

@liss: that would have been more doable (the 365 photos in total thing). though i suppose part of the idea of taking on a project is that it is a bit of a stretch? who knows.

OK, my word is 2 words "Just Be". With that in mind, I am not holding myself to any numerical goals, but hoping to live each day deeply, with all that that entails - and I hope to capture images that speak that message as well.


I'm going to "simplify" and it's already making me breathe easier.

Have a wonderful New Year!

And you're off to a perfect start!!! What a joyous image....

happy merry!!!!

my word is NURTURE.
yes. nurture.

you are all signed up for mondo beyondo right?!?!?


I'm doing a photo a day--but just blogging them. I've never even checked into the flickr thing. I figure if I added flickering and tweeting and myspacing and who knows what else, I wouldn't have a life worth living! Lovely idea to take a photo a week to represent a word to base the year on. Brilliant!

Happy New Year Elizabther ! I love your goal to take 52 pictures that reflect your joy ! How perfect and probably very doable as well !
Wishing you a 2010 full of joy-filled moments to capture !

Oh what a wonderful idea, joy was my word last year and this year it's Possibility. I will join you, looking forward to a year of joy and possibility and .......!

You're going to laugh, E. My word for this year is "remember", because I'm always forgetting! I actually had a different word picked out, but I forgot what it was! Seriously!!

I love the idea of you taking photos of your word for the year. What a great way to keep it fresh in your mind. I cannot wait to see what you photograph.

@patty: such a good choice! and yes, with that as your motto, numerical goals are not for you!

@ann: ok, now you just have to photograph that word!

@julie: that seems like such a perfect focus for your year. i can't wait to follow along. :)

@marcie: except that it's actually an image from 2005. ;) i do want to take a similar photo for the first week .. waiting for a day with light.

@kolleen: signed up. waiting with anticipation! can't wait to dream big with you. :) (nurture! love it!)

@lynn: blogging them would have been the logical idea, except i didn't always want to post my daily photo. i hadn't actually thought of blogging them this year either - but that is a good idea, and will be much easier. i'm looking forward to seeing your images!

@kim: it should be doable! yay for that! i wish you a magical 2010 as well - full of love and joy and laughter. thank you for popping in!

@suvarna: there is so much possibility in the word itself. it makes me excited for your year for you!

@toni: yup, laughing away here. clearly remember was trying to make sure that you would choose it. ;)

@jennifer: thank you!


The post on that is percolating...

As for the photography, well...one thing at a time. ;)

I pray for much "joy" to you this year, dear friend! You deserve it. :)

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