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Very painterly. Love the triptych - how you put the three together!!!

this is lovely to read, first thing this morning.

LOVE the misty, watery effect of these images, Elizabeth... and as always, such wise words shared and to recall. Happy Weekend :o)

Lovely blues...such nice images to take in today.

:) Beautiful. I love the thought of not giving things names, just looking at them like a child who doesn't know the name. I think I read another quote like that recently.

Such wonderful, wonderful quotes. I love the idea of naming each day. There is a small miracle in the naming of things.

very abstract and beautiful. Really enjoyed the quote too.

i'm completely swooning over these images!!!
so dreamy and lucious!

Lovely quote and beautiful, evocative images. Thank you!

i have missed being here...

@elk: i'm so glad you stopped by today!

@mahala: ahhhhh .. just seeing your name reminds me of your lovely watercolor and i breathe a happy sigh.

@liss: i kept seeing that name pop up on twitter so i looked it up .. a wonderful new quote find. :)

@relyn: there really is. another testament to the power of words.

@julie: i like the idea, but find it hard to do. my mind just wants to know what things *are*!

@vivienne: ooooh, i love the word luscious. so glad you reminded me of it!

@caroline: thank you!

@tracy: happy weekend (well, week, now :) i hope you are jet-lag-less by now!

@christina: i think i am behind on your blog .. i miss you!

@marcie: thank you! they seemed to fit perfectly.

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