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Libby, I gasped out loud when I saw these photos! So incredibly beautiful!

On a long car ride the other day, we were each deciding which super powers we would choose. I chose flying... I think there's something so freeing and magical about the thought. But yes, I agree that the trick is finding things that make your soul feel like it's soaring.

These are a WOW!! W.O.W. WOW!! I love your title, too, E. I always wanted to be either an eagle, soaring high in the sky, or a cheetah, soaring quickly over the ground.

Sometimes when I can't sleep at night, I imagine that I am flying through the air without a care in the world. I find that I relax and fall asleep within minutes.

Such wonderment in these winged moments, Elizabeth...truly dazzling! The freedom in soaring high... the mind can go there. :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Hey-- welcome back! Love that second picture... the colors are oh so cool!

Gorgeous photos. I'm so glad you're back! Thank you for the reminder we can always soar, wherever we are.

(I'll have my word-of-the-year weekly shot up tomorrow with any luck. It should have been today but I'm sick. Rotten luck. Must get off the computer now. ;)

ah these are amazing...great title too

Elizabeth, those are truly amazing pictures!
I think I came close to that sense of freedom even without wings when I was flailing my arms on that same beach, eyes closed, doing a bit of level 3 Shiva Nata...

Just lovely!! We have a lot of birds around here and I often watch and try to contemplate that feeling. I have had a few flying dreams which is probably as close as I have come. I always wish they would last longer!

Oh wow...I too wish I had wings and could fly like that. Gorgeous photos!

@caroline: me too. me too.

@patty: i've never had a flying dream! what are they like?!

@josiane: that is so cool; thank you for sharing that. i think i took those photos while you were flailing on the beach.

@elk: thanks .. it's an album title .. it seemed fitting.

@meredith: i hope you feel better! take care of yourself. i can't wait to see your photo!

@julie l: that one is my favorite.

@tracy: happy monday to you! your comments always make me feel so happy. :)

@jerry: i'll try that! i could use a sleep-inducing trick.

@toni: oooooh, a cheetah! that would be fun too. i think i'd try that first. they are so sleek and beautiful.

@julie: i'd choose flying. or maybe invisibility. or maybe inspector gadget arms and legs (is that a superpower?). goodness .. that's a hard question.

Beautiful!! Being able to fly freely is such a wonderful dream!!!

hey amazing you...those are incredible photos. and, i picture you flying. lovely! hugs and smooches

Yesterday, I saw this quote:
The higher you soar, the smaller you seem to people who cannot fly.

Soar, Elizabeth, Soar!

@bridget: i saw that quote too. loved it. thank you!

@marilyn: welcome home?! hugs and kisses to you too. i hope you had a good trip!

@marcie: it is .. maybe someday we will be able to ..

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