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One step at a time, we get there! :o) Where are you headed, Elizabeth?!

This makes me wonder where you're going, elizabeth...

@tracy, @meredith: i was thinking philosophically. :) though as it happens, i am heading to california for a week on saturday.

One step. But not there, because it seems like a dangerous place for a pedestrian. Hehe.

Have a lovely trip. I cannot wait to see some California photographs!!

@leanne: 'tis true. or for a driver who is taking a photograph out the window as they are driving onto a bridge. ;)

Such a perfect photo because driving over bridges is a big thing for me. I get very anxious when doing so for some reason and more so if stopped in traffic. The weird thing is I am perfectly fine as a passenger.

This is the sort of traffic conditions I dream about for my drive home from work each day.

@liss: i wish you a week full of clear sailing (roading?).

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