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Ohhh Atlas!
Did you know that Matt Reed has two Weims?
First, do you know Matt Reed? An triathlon champion. I am his groupie. Anyway, I know that he has two Weims because he told me on twitter. It made me super excited because "he told me" and because he runs with his two weims. I want to do that to! I know, I know, rambling, but my life is changing and I believe it is going in a dog-friendly direction!

Love..love..love these. And - especially - how you captured him from so-low-to-the-ground!!!

atlas looks so dashing in B&W

My favorite breed. :) Love these.

he's so stinkin cute Elizabeth!!!

when you get a sec i left you a little something on my blog...pop on over!


like that top one especially well.

such a handsome happy go lucky boy!

@veronique: i just love you. and no one (well, aside from you guys) will be more excited for you when you get your own weim. if you lived closer, you could borrow atlas for runs .. though he has a very inconsistent pace. ;)

@marcie: i like how it makes him look larger than life.

@ann: why, thank you, says atlas!

@katie: thanks!

@kolleen: popping over shortly!

@jen t: that's my favorite too. i like how there's a ray of light on him - lovely symbolism. :)

@elk: wouldn't it be fun if atlas and sam could meet!

So dignified! With such purpose! I think he's definitely on to something. The meaning of life? I would not be surprised.

Love love love...

Atlas doesn't need words!

These are such beautiful photos of atlas.... see, i'm so glad you cancelled that session with that photographer. These are better.

@amy: while i love that you think so, we will have to agree to disagree on that one. ;)

@gayle: very true. his eyes say it all!

@kelly: i think he would say that the meaning of life is enjoying each moment. now that is wise.

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