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i just spent a week on a beach. heaven.

Dreamy!!! Love the monotone..the harsh mid-day light.

Elizabeth! Way to go and make me cry! You are so awesome! And a very very talented photographer, I must say.
*wiping off tears*
Thank you, dear friend. That quote is absoutely perfect. Thank you.
*one hand on heart, the other on belly, and... Hiro sigh*

yes.like magic!

@elk: magic :)

@josiane: awwww .. i didn't mean to make you cry! i remembered your suggestion to use a photo of the surfers for my friday post and to find a quote that went along with it!

@marcie: i forget that the harshness has its own beauty.

@margie: heaven. exactly. i hope you had a wonderful time!

oh what a great quote. thank you for sharing this.

I think you've captured extraordinary, E. =)

Simply beautiful. Your photos seem to me to get better all the time.

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