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Sir Atlas ... has a nice ring to it.

I love his reflection in the sand. Atlas has had a huge impact on your life and all of it has been good and will continue to be good. He is one lucky dog to have you as a companion.

I can't believe you've had him that long either! Although it does seem like you've had him forever. :)

yes he is handsome there...wind blown on the beach~

oh! is it wednesday? well, hello sir! (deep bow)

A distinguished and wise Sir Atlas. Makes my heart smile. :) The last two dogs we adopted for my parents from shelters were already senior dogs. I love the gentleness and patience they have.

I had a grey cat, and as she grew older she seemed to turn more grey, if that was even possible. I wasn't sure if I was imagining it, or what, but it really looked like it. She had always been a distinguished lady, and then I could see she was becoming a distinguished old lady. :)

sounds like we could take another road trip and i would have a whole different view to look at! ;)

Lovely, dignified shot of Sir Atlas! :)

well, this title is well deserved! ; )

The title totally suits him. I was watching the Kennel Club dog show last night (waiting for the cockers!)and was thinking of you when the weimaraner came out. Sir Atlas is a lucky little gentleman!!

Sir Atlas. Agreeing with the others, he has earned this title. You are truly blessed to have each other!


sir atlas says thank you for your kind words.

also, he says that he is happy to accept tribute. for instance, leftovers. he is partial to meat and gravy - and his maidservant, kind as she is, rarely provides such fare.

@patty: i hope the cockers did well!!!

@julie m: they are so very gentle and patient. i love it. (though atlas doesn't exactly behave like a senior dog yet. ;)

oh, i understand those bittersweet feelings. such a lovely picture!

@leah: bittersweet for sure. thanks :)

This is such a regal portrait of Sir Atlas (that is good!)...*sigh*... I feel the same about out kitty Charlie... He's no longer a kitty though, but almost 11 years old and is getting thick old-man-cat whiskers...The whole pet love is bittersweet, isn't it... Happy Weekend to you and the Sir, Elizabeth :o) ((HUGS))

you are so sweet. i love the way you look at it ~ having so much years of fun with him.

Sir Atlas is looking very regal. No white whiskers on my pups yet, but that time will come quickly.

Elizabeth, you really should enter PW's dog photo contest. I right away thought of you. You'd have to narrow all of your great pics down to one, though. That'd be tough.

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