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I think joy somethings sits just beneath the surface, it's learning to recognize it that makes a difference. Having a camera in hand really help you focus on the day to day things that actually do bring joy to peoples lives.

Gorgeous images. So joy-ous!!!!

Noticing the ripples something made even when we weren't consciously thinking about it is pretty wonderful. :)

Those photos do speak joy to me. Serene and open-hearted joy.

I think this word-of-the-year experiment is turning out to be fascinating. I'm not even aware of what I'm doing half the time, and then later I'll realize, oh, doing that actually had to do with focus. I do believe it's a function of cognitive dissonance somehow, but I won't go into that now.

My new photo for week five is up: http://victorygardenredux.wordpress.com/2010/02/09/its-a-jungle-in-here/
(I skipped week four. I have the photo, but it was too personal to blog about. ;)

i love your word.
it really defines you i think elizabeth.
i noticed in one of my blog "heart" photos that ATLAS was in it...
he must have been on the "alter" in manzanita.
so cute he is!
love and hearts to you.

@chrissy: he was indeed!

@meredith: oh yay, i was waiting!

@josiane: it is wonderful. and interesting. maybe meredith will talk more about the cognitive dissonance idea sometime. :)

@marcie: thanks!

@liss: you are so right - it is such a good way to focus your attention. come to think of it, i should totally take a photo of my camera for one of my entries!

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