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Happy Birthday Atlas!! What great pix to celebrate his day!!

happpppy birthday atlas!!!!

happy day to atlas and libby too!

Beautiful dog, your Atlas. Happy Birthday!

happy birthday you gorgeous hunk of dog.

Happy, happy birthday, Atlas!!!

Happy Birthday, Atlas!!!

Happy Birthday, Atlas. Ginger and Nikki wish you a happy birthday also.

Aww! He's gorgeous! Happy Birthday Atlas! What a grand name for a grand puppy-dog!

what a special group of photos . dogs really know how to celebrate...happy birthday! i love the one with his ears folded back...Sam does this too...

I just love every one of these - I had to look at them at least 3 times! What a special relationship you 2 have - love, love, love and the happiest of birthdays to you both!!!

Happy birthday, Atlas! Gosh, i love those photos! Be well and happy.

Happy Happy Atlas! So happy you two have each other :)

(Grover's lip always gets caught in his teeth like that 3rd photo, and he looks at me just as earnestly, and it SLAYS me - adorable!)

Happy birthday to your sweet little pup!

Happy birthday, Atlas! Woof woof woof!

happy happy birthday atlas dear....
happy days will come to you all year...
if i had a wish then it would be....
a happy happy birthday
you are the cutest puppy with the best mama in the whole world.
loves to you.

Happy Birthday to Atlas! And many happy returns of the day to a sweet soul visiting us in puppy form, and filling Elizabeth's life with joy -- and her lens with handsomeness. :)

such sweet birthday wishes for my puppy. thank you all so very much. my heart is full.

@briana: oh, that lip. it slays me too. if he could talk, he could ask for the moon with that expression and i'd have to find a way to get it for him.

happy birthday to the pup!
smooches to you!

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes, sweet Atlas! :o) Give him a hug from me, Elizabeth... he is beautiful! ((HUGS))

Happy birthday Atlas!!! Love this collection of photos!

@robin, @a. jarrett: thanks for the birthday wishes!

@tracy: hug given :)

there are a few photos in this post I haven't seen before. I love the second last one of Atlas.

I hope he enjoyed his birthday celebrations.

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