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What beautiful pictures. Trees do not have to be in full bloom (leaf?) to be picturesque.

The sight of trees often moves me to tears... :o) The soulful sepia-tones pair so elegantly with William Blake today, Elizabeth... Happy Week ((HUGS))

It sure is! I LOVE finding beauty in every step while I'm in the woods. :)

i think the tone here makes them even more stunning in their simplicity

i love this....

my husband and i were just walking the other day and now HE points out trees to ME!! he knows how much trees fascinate me and how drawn i am to the "ones with special character"!!

beautiful photos...beautiful you.


Isn't it amazing that nothing much has changed since William Blake's time? So many still view the tree as just a green thing, to be removed if it gets in the way, or to be removed for cash. I'm glad you see with different eyes, Elizabeth. :)

That is such a moving quote. Your images are lovely. We are so lucky to live in such beauty!

"Nature is Imagination itself" - that's so true! Nature has a way of imagining an infinity of variations on a theme; no two snowflakes being exactly alike, and all that... I stand in wonder with you.

So beautiful, E. Trees sometimes bring me to tears of joy. Strong, graceful, beautiful, sad (weeping willows) - so many character traits and emotions and descriptive can be associated with a tree.

Amen, brother. Preach it.

OK, you know I said brother to William, right? Not to you. You would be sister.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this elizabeth.
every time i take a photo of something naturey...i think...NO ONE else is going to appreciate this except me.
but then,
that.s ok too.
perfect quote!

@chrissy: i will love it. and i'm sure there are others. :)

@relyn: hee. got it. he was a wise soul.

@toni: you are so right. and it is also neat how one person might associate different emotions than someone else. like i think of weeping willows as being peaceful and beautiful.

@josiane: love the snowflake example! such a good one. i used to look at them and try to find ones that were identical. it still amazes me that they are all different.

@gayle: we are so lucky, truly.

@meredith: as do you. :)

@kolleen: i love that he knows how much you love them and points them out for you. true love.

@elk: i must confess that i didn't love the image in color, but when i switched to sepia mode, the beauty was clear.

@holly: and your photos of the woods are always full of it!

@tracy: clearly we are a bunch of nature-lovers here. :)

@jerry: they really don't. i am so glad you pointed that out.

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