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often flowers will last longer than we realize ...and there is probably ALOT of energy too!!

i love when that happens. i had tulips a few weeks ago that lasted forever.

I vote for the positive flower energy!! BTW, I do love Joshua Tree, have been there several times, but never in the spring. Would be fabulous, I bet, but it has to be a year with a lot of rainfall.

They're beautiful! Maybe they know your word for 2010 is joy, so tried extra hard to remain your reminder for as long as they could!

Thanks for your comment on my blog; you're the first! My real life cats won't sit still for long enough, but my metaphorical Kitten likes settling in my lap. ^_^

Take Care,

Flower Power!

I have no trouble believing there is seriously positive flower energy around you!

i want to just believe that there is serious flower power floating around you because i CAN.T keep my gerbera.s alive for nothing.
love you and miss you.

Oh, Yellow. You are such a good friend.

These are perfect. I love this photo so much!

@leanne: :)

@chrissy: maybe they are hardier in oregon?! ;)

@josiane: awww, thanks

@jen t: yes!

@rose: i realized right after i posted the comment that it was your metaphorical kitten that you were referring to, but it was too late. ;)

@patty: you mean like this year?

@margie: oh, i love long-lasting tulips. they do seem rather hardy for flowers in general.

@elk: and i love when they do!

Awesome! Power to the flower!! I had that happen...once. =) Great capture, E.

I vote for the Serious Positive Energy flowing in your home!

I think the composure and colour really make this image a winner. I like it too :)

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