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Lovely. Nourishment for body and soul. :)

wow, your photos are lovely. :)

what is in the top photo, inside that lovely bowl?

@jen t: it's gremolata, made with parsley + lemon zest + garlic + lemon juice + salt/pepper. my friend chris made it. it was really good! (it's like a condiment for fish or chicken or you can make a bruschetta or pesto with it.)

Dinner with a friend and good conversation - definitely = joy. =) That gremolata looks really good.

Having friends over for dinner is something I wish I did more often.

Your meal looks really good.

I love the bowl in the first pic, and the glass in the second one. One of the reasons why I don't blog the recipes I test is that I don't have interesting or pretty dishes - that, and the fact my pics don't do the food justice! Ah, one day I'll buy lovely plates and bowls... and until then, I'll keep trying to improve my photography skills! :)

What an incredibly beautiful bowl that is. I love that the pretty is inside for the eater to enjoy. LOVE IT!!

@relyn: i love it too. it's like a nice surprise for eating your food!

@josiane: well .. i feel like your photos would be lovely regardless of the dishes! that being said, i do not mind that you do not post photos. your twitter updates make me hungry enough - i can only imagine if you had photos of the food!

@liss: i do not do it nearly often enough myself. i don't know why.

@toni: it was excellent. i finished the leftovers tonight. mmmm.

@tinypaperhearts: thank you! and thank you for visiting. :)

@meredith: indeed.

@vivienne: it was!


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