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Lol! I love an imaginative story. Thanks for the AM giggles. :)

This is so adorable. I love the texture of the monster fuzz next to the texture of the dog fuzz. Two kinds of adorable fuzz, now brought together by love! Nom nom nom!

oh. my.
thanks for posting pics of yours =) i never thought of introducing mine to the "family"... this is so endearing.
hope all three of your are well!! xo

I love the pics, and the story! Simply adorable!

Hey, Elizabeth!

Nice to see your family getting along so well... I think I need to introduce a green monster to mine.

love the pics and story!!!

joy...hmmmmm....good stuff!

sending love,

i love it!

Could it be, in the first picture, that the dinosaur is singing...Opera...to Atlas?

Like Mozart, mebbe?

He's very cute.

Your monster and pup are both adorable. :)

What an amazing post! The pictures brought me joy too, so thank you for sharing them. :)

This is very joyful...and so sweet! Atlas doesn't seem to be minding that a little monster is biting him...LOL! Happy Weekend to you all there--creatures great and small ;o) ((HUGS))

Oh, my lord that is so cute, Elizabeth! I love Atlas, as you already know, and your photos of him are a joy to me as is. But add in a fuzzy stuffed monster, and it's almost cuteness overload. ;)

@meredith: my little monster really is cute, isn't he. atlas may have a rival. ;)

@tracy: i don't think he was enamored with it. he kept eyeing me as if to say, "sheesh .. the things i have to put up with."

@rose: i'm glad they made you happy! i was thinking that this set might be joyful only to me. ;)

@victoria: atlas and grendel thank you. :)

@bridget: oh! maybe! i thought he was screaming, but maybe he hasn't practiced in a while. hee.

@christina, @kolleen: i'm so glad!

@lori: you should! i saw some very cute monsters at the market the other day. i was tempted to add another to the family.

@josiane: i know you recognize him. ;)

@kelly: i loved the textures too. so soft ..

@julie: you are welcome. :)

FUN!! Love the joy in these!!!

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