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beautiful, beautiful springtime!

You know what I love most about springtime? The SMELL. The smell of rain, the smell of mud, the smell of warmer air. We can get sunshine in January, we have leaves in July, but nothing smells as fresh and yummy as Spring!

I hope you get yours now!

It feels like spring even here (which is extremely early, almost disturbingly so), so I'm really confident that it must be there for good for you! Enjoy!

those blossoms tell me spring is not far away.

That fringe of blossom makes the heart sing...Surely spring will stay this time! We're still waiting for it to begin here... Happy Days :o) ((HUGS))

Soak it in and then send it my way! I'm with Leanne... the smell of spring is so euphoric. More so for those of us in the snow and cold belts than for others, I would think. It shouts "Finally!". Finally something new and fresh and warm! And then of course the rebirth of flowers and grasses and all things beautiful. I can't wait!

It makes me so happy to hear other people talking about smelling seasons. Some people think I'm nuts when I say it... ;)

I have a feeling the cherry blossoms are going to put me right over the moon this year. They may be my excuse to get off the treadmill and run outdoors.

Ah, SPRING... That's all I have to say about that.

Well, and that I hope the second time really is a charm out your way.

I have to say, even here in supposedly sunny and consistent southern CA, it has been wacky, rainy, cold, windy - you name it, so I'm with you - ready for the sunshine on another rainy morning!

What a gorgeous photograph! It made me visualise feeling the warm sun on my face [some parts of the UK were at minus 7 C this morning].

Thanks for your response to my last comment - I wanted you to be the first to know I've got a couple of posts up now and would love any advice or input you'd have on them.

Many Thanks,

such a beautiful photo. ah, yes, spring.

Crossing my fingers for you, Elizabeth. :) Beautiful photo!

@meredith: cross them harder! it's not working! hee.

@christina: yes, i do love the blossoms. they make even the grey rainy days less gloomy.

@rose: minus 7! goodness! i cannot complain then. and thank you for letting me know you had posted - i loved them.

@patty: i hear you.

@julie: ok .. the second time was not the charm. but now i feel sure the third time will be.

@jen g: oh. now i have visions of your cherry blossoms dancing in my head. i've seen photos. oh. just oh. enjoy them for me, please.

@nora: i love the smell too. though for me, mud is not a spring smell, since we have mud all winter. :)

@tracy: ah, but now you have a glimpse of spring *inside* your home!

@liss: not far away at all. which means that autumn must be on its way for you now?

@josiane: really?! maybe you brought it back with you from california - it was just really slow in making its way there. :)

@leanne: you might be right. i will try to soak the smell in, and then compare it to the smell of autumn. will report back - if i remember. and i loved your photos series of signs of spring.

jen t: blossoms always are!

awww....i wish i was there again for the beautiful blossoms:(...but on a cheery note, it is 54 degrees here today!!! (but what am i doing to enjoy it?? Nothing! I'm working:( )

@helen: you have my sympathies. :(

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