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Ah, the distant chords of memory...that's what this photos reminds me of too. :o) I like the out-of-focus...surprise happen that way sometimes. Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

Isn't that the truth?!

i really like this photo. it's being blurry makes it look all renoir or something.

It's really interesting to me how we can create a visual expression of a feeling through the camera. You've got a beautiful example here.

It's odd that an out-of-focus image could be so very beautiful and evocative. Oh, I do love photography!

i think that this is prophetic dear girl.
i feel the same way, the longer the time spans between me and my time away...the blurrier it gets...i do that with people who have died too.
maybe it.s all part of the plan.
oh how i love your sweet insight.

@chrissy: maybe it is part of the plan. especially in the case of people who have left us, it does seem rather healing.

@relyn: me too!

@josiane: oh! now that would be a fun (if challenging) project. hmmmm.

@ann: thanks, m'dear!

@holly: :)

@tracy: "distant chords of memory" - very poetic.

If you take a video of him doing the same thing, there is a website that can turn it into one of those flip books. Wouldn't that be cool? I don't know the site, but I found it on google.

I've been thinking about how while I was away from home for a month, home started feeling fuzzy, like a dream. And now that I've been back home for a couple of weeks, being away has become the dream.

This is a lovely shot. :)

@relyn: that would be so neat! thank you for sharing that.

@steph: a month is a long time. it is so interesting how memory shifts things.

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