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Love the colors here. 'Inspiration' all on its own!!!

Love, love, love her work! Her website is gorgeous and her self portraits are unique and wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Right now, my sons inspire me. It's hard to take onself too seriously when there is so much playtime to be had.

my husband and my children inspire me:)

Sometimes you do, Elizabeth. You are an inspiring soul. :)

So many people and moments and things inspire me. Lately, it's been Mother Nature (always), Rumi, Annie Dillard, Wendell Berry, seed catalogs, harp music, and my mother as she nears retirement and begins redefining and undefining herself with trembling joy.

@meredith: wow, thanks. *blushes* i love your list - all very inspiring.

@organicsyes: that's awesome - thank you for sharing that.

@julie: they are so inspiring. i love e/g stories.

@marcie: good point. color is always inspiring in and of itself!

all of those lovely, amazing, gor-juss unearth babes...i think you know who they are!

you inspire me with your beautiful photos and your gentle spirit

my husband inspires me with his drive and his unending selfLESSness

my children inspire me with their curiousity, innocence and love

love you sweet friend


wow. vivienne's portraits are so lovely!

I would like to try more self portraits in this season of my life. i did many in college, but my vision was darker then.

my inspirations come in seemingly random moments, but self portraits make me *so* happy. like the words you use, miss elizabeth, about yourself. i just absolutely find inspiration in your words and reflections about you and what you are discovering. i like to think about the hows and whys of me, too, and when i read what you have shared here and in your wellness blog, together with your beautiful images, it reminds me that thinking on me helps me to work better in myself. (i sometimes have guilt over trying to figure me out--especially now that i am a mother) it is inspiring to me to be self-aware (rather than self-involved).

also, music and sunshine and getting the laundry put away: inspiration!

i would have to agree with k...
inspire me.
your photographs.
your insight.
i DO love viv.
her colors are amazing.
i am so happy you two were able to sneak some time in together.
missing you.
huge hugs.

@chrissy: you are so sweet, thank you. missing you too!

@jen t: "thinking on me helps me to work better in myself". i love that! and it is so true. i am glad to know that you find my sharing useful. thank you.

@kolleen: indeed, i do. and all of you inspire me!

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