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*SIGH*... I would just love to stroll, and run and skip along those little dirt "alleys" between the rows of tulips... Tulip Heaven! Enjoy your day off, Elizabeth... go back for more tulips. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

wow! beautiful! love tulips!
visiting via mondo beyondo.

Oh my goodness, first of all, I am 100% Dutch, so this is my heritage! I have actually been to the tulip gardens in Holland - didn't know they had that here!! Also, much of my family lives in Holland, Michigan, where they have a huge tulip festival in May. One of these days...

I'm not a bit surprised that you couldn't stop shooting. I'm sure I would be the same - it's so freeing not to have to worry about film! Really, really lovely shots!!

And Lastly, thanks so much for your comments about "joy" on my blog. It's a very interesting concept and I'm certainly still learning as well. Happy Tuesday to you and your wonder-dog!!!

so true. that and autumn leaves. i can never delete those either. love tulips.

They are so gorgeous, Elizabeth. I wouldn't be able to delete any, either. You've given me such a lift with the bright colors of these beauties today. :)

i want to walk all over thaT beautiful colorful carpet in my bare feet! i am sooooo envious and extremely happy that you got to experience blooms like that.
p.s. birthdays....breakfast in bed from my kiddos...hanging in my p.j.s...creating with my loved ones....eating lots of sugar...no presents...snuggling back in bed at the end of the day with my honey!
(oh, and the famous birthday song phone call from my dad! love that!)

All those colors are a feast for the eyes! For some reason, the purple ones really spoke to me.
Here, tulip leaves are out of the ground, and some buds have started appearing. I'm looking forward to seeing the flowers bloom. Soon!

I gasped out loud when I saw the first picture. Wow. Just amazing.

Wow...very very...very beautiful flower! I am never see so lot!

this is amazing in its uniformity and colors ..what a cool series of photos

What a beautiful place! I love tulips so much! The deer always eat mine before the buds open. :(

And that just brought up my day:) Very lovely tulips, full of beauty and life. I've never seen such beautiful bunches of flowers put together like this, really very fabulous.

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