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We use a lot of Bob's Red Mill products. Their Scottish Oatmeal is my absolute fave. That would be a really fun field trip- glad you got to go. :)

I love grilled cheese w/ tomato, onion, and guacamole. :)

You got some awesome photos on your outing, too, I see... ;)

It looks like a fun place!!

now...i am going to be on the hunt for a sin dawg!!! sounds sinFUL!!!

love the pics....love that you had a grilled cheese with tomato....YUMEEEEE!!!!

sending big loves and hugs to you as april closes in!!!!


love that red...

xo Alison

Oh, lucky you! Day trips filled to get yummy stuff are the best! And you've snapped lovely pictures - I really like the second one.

@josiane: i agree! and it was full of good stuff. oh! including gluten-free vegan sweet potato cornbread muffins! you might enjoy them.

@alison: it was so bright and cheery against the sky :)

@kolleen: i hope you find them! i think they sell outside of the pacnw.

@patty: it was fun. i was glad my camera was in my purse.

@meredith: i liked them ;)

@holly: ok, now that sounds good too! i may have to make grilled cheese sandwiches soon.

@julie m: oatmeal sounds good. i'll have to look for it!

Bob's looks a great place to shop and photograph.

I want to try a cin dawg! they sound good.

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