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Happy Birthday, Lib! I hope you enjoy it! Do something you love.

I love words, but often have a hard time relating to poetry. I totally relate to the visual poetry you do here, though!

Love this series, E! You don't need words, your photos say it all by themselves.

A lovely poem it is!

Absolutely love these - I think ethereal might be the word if there was one... oh, happy, happy birthday and I will enter the contest (8x10)! I know it was once in a lifetime, but my best birthday was spent on the Oregon coast surrounded by 24 totally amazing women, of which you were one...I'll never forget it!! Love and blissful birthday blessings to you!!! XOXOX

Looks like a birthday poem to me...love ya!

happy birthday (i know it.s lingering around here somewhere!!!)
dear friend.
i hope our PATHWAYS cross again this year.
you are AMAZING!
huge hugs to you.

ah yes . i really think this is perfect .wordless

I'd love to see a wordless poem from you ever single week. You have such a gift.

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