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Oh, my, I *love* that photo. Happy birthday, Elizabeth. 33 was an excellent year in my personal lexicon, and I hope it turns out to be the same for you -- and even better!

As for celebrating my own, I prefer to do it with a day at the beach, some lobster or snow crab, a view of the moon and the sound of the tide in my ears as the day comes to a close. Unfortunately, I haven't done that now in about three years... but the world is full of beautiful options for the heart to celebrate nonetheless. I have yet to be disappointed. :)

i'll play!

and an early h-bday to you, libbers

my birthday is in mid-winter. i must say i often do something alone. go get a tea, reflect on my life, go to a bookstore and read about getting a new life....heh.... it's usually a quiet time. then i come home, my hubby and kids made me a cake whilst i was out and we celebrate together with chocolaty goodness.

(i have an adoptive birthday in the summer though, where i go to Lake Superior for the day if i can)

i completely adore this photo!!!
its totally magical.

This week, then,I am grateful that 33 years ago your soul met the earth. And I am grateful that in the last couple, our souls connected. Happy happy birthday, Libby.

My perfect birthday would look like this: silence. I would wake up without the kids, I'd sleep in, get a massage, watch a movie, go to dinner by myself, go to bed in the quiet. All those awake hours of quiet. Yep, that'd be my perfect birthday. :)

Hey, thanks for the comment over at my place! The gorge is beautiful ANY time of the day, in my opinion. :-)

Ok, birthdays...I love to have my two boys with my on my birthday. Their mom and I haven't been together for ten years or so, but every time they're with me on my birthday it's that much more special.

Happy birthday, dear Elizabeth! May that day be wonderful, and the coming year be everything you're hoping for, and more!
Offering to give this picture away to a lucky friend is such a lovely way to celebrate - it is a truly gorgeous pic.

My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is to follow the established tradition, and spend the day with my family. As my birthday is on Christmas Eve, it's been very rare that we couldn't get everyone together for my birthday, and I feel really fortunate to be able to share that special day with them all every year. And since we traditionnally open our Christmas gifts on the 24th, it's been decreed that it's my birthday and only my birthday until after dinner, at which time we can switch into Christmas mode. Even the kids are into it, and it's a lot of fun! :)

oh my god I love that photo! I'm just catching up on your blog and opened to that and was about to post about how much I loved it...and then I read on about your giveaway....so now it seems like I'm just posting for that! too funny. but anyway, since I'm here....mmm....I'm getting better at actually making my birthday more of a celebration. I used to think it was kind of selfish or egotistical or...I'm not sure what it was. Perhaps I was just scared that no one would come if I sent an invite out! So anyway, I like to do different things each year - whatever I feel like at that point in time. but the important thing is to celebrate. happy birthday to you! :)

the photo is so romantic.....it floats!!!

please enter me...5x7!!

33...good number and an even better year is coming your way....a magical year!!!

i simply love to celebrate with those i love around me....but i am also a believer in not just having a birthDAY celebration...but extending it for at least a week!!!! and always, always, always making that wish before you blow the candles out!!!

love you

Happy birthday to you! That is indeed a beautiful photo.

The only thing that I've done consistently most years to celebrate my birthday is take the day off of work (when it falls on a workday). This year, one specific way I'm planning to celebrate is by going to the Cirque du Soleil show that'll be in town, and taking a friend with me who's never seen a live Cirque performance. And this year I've taken the whole week off of work rather than just the day, since this year will be a 0-ending birthday-year for me (40). Forty feels like it needs an extra-special celebratory something. :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Elizabeth! Wishing you a wonderful week. I'm like you, I'm not really into my birthday, but I love celebrating everyone elses...LOL! Just being with family & friend on my day is all I could wish for--togetherness over cake is a sweet gift. This is such a generous giveaway. That photo is pure enchantment...makes me want to be a tiny fairy, walking through the lavender to the pink sun. :o) A 5x7 or you beautiful work would be lovely. Thank you for the fun... Be sure to have cake! ;o) ((HUGS))

Happy early Birthday! Is it very sad that I only comment when there is giveaway??? I do thoroughly enjoy your blog- especially when you talk about Atlas, it always makes me smile. :)

My perfect birthday would include a massage, a pedicure, and then dinner with close family and friends, with lots of games. Sometimes I get to share my birthday dinner with others and I love that!

happy birthday. truly who would not love this photo? it is just fabulous. have a great week.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth! My favorite kind of birthday is one where I have a few hours all to myself, followed by lunch w/ my family, and a night out with my girlfriends. :)

Love that photo too... I would choose 3 photo cards.. love cards! :)

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day on your birthday! 33 is a good number and age!

I am very low key all the time, including on my birthday. I really enjoy a dinner of my favorite foods, not cooked by me! The dinner must include broccoli rabe with garlic and olive oil, because I love it!

I would love to be included in your drawing. I would choose a 5x7.

Gorgeous photo!

Generally I like to celebrate my birthday by sleeping in, eating chocolate cake for breakfast, NOT working, getting a massage, spending some time having fun with my kids (but no hard work), then going out with my husband.

But my all-time favorite birthday was last year when I turned 35. My friend and I had an 80s style slumber party where we played a couple of fun games after drinks. Bring the worst picture of yourself growing up and what is the craziest thing you've ever done. CLASSIC.

Here are a couple of pics:
(I'm wearing the pink glasses)

i love to celebrate my birthday with a super awesome cake. and a stop at wuollet's bakery. and dinner out with my hubbinator.

i've never had a pedicure on my birthday, but i might have to start this year. at 35.

happy 33rd birthday, elizabeth! you are so wonderful to celebrate with giving of yourself! if i'm the benefactor of your generous celebration, i would love an 8x10.

happiest of happy birthday days! may it be filled with love, light and laughter!
hugs and hearts,

ps. love the image. it amazes me!

how very nice Elizabeth and what a simply beautiful photo , I can see why it is a favorite.

I hope your birthday is the end of a special year and the beginning of another amazing one!

I am not big on birthdays either..but a big piece of chocolate cake with a few lit candles and family singing always makes it better!!

It likes to rain on my birthday...even when it hasn't been raining for weeks. So I like to go out in it. I like to start with a cozy lunch at one of my favorite places. I'm a slightly solitary person, so I take a day for me and either go get a new book or grab a favorite one, an doodle journal, pens and my i-pod. Then I go sit at one of the local cafe's where I might not see anyone I know and I let myself go..into the music, into the words, into the art...whatever grabs my fancy. Then I like to go home, sit with my husband and find a reason to laugh - a funny movie, just the two of us goofing off over dinner..whatever. Of course there's the family phone calls that come as well and I always enjoy those. Then it's off to late night frozen yogurt or ice cream and back to the house to cuddle with the hubz and the cats. . .

Definitely with my family, laughing...or even just sitting quietly together (whom am I kidding). We love to party it up around here.

one love.


At my next birthday I'll be 39!!!
I am going to have a small gathering of friends to celebrate my last year of the 30's. I want to go out to dinner at my most favourite Thai restaurant and the across the road from the restaurant is a a really gorgeous cocktail lounge I've always wanted to go to.
then when I turn 40 I am going to have a big party (fancy Dress themed 80's)

Happy Birthday and enjoy being 33!

Happy, happy birthday, Elizabeth! I will also turn 33 this year. I've always liked even ages better than odd ones--for no real reason--but I have high hopes for being 33.

I also don't like to make a big fuss on my birthday...possibly because my mom always did. I may have gotten it all out of my system early on.

Because my birthday is in the middle of summer, my first choice will always be to spend the day at the ocean with picnic and no agenda for the day. Barring that, a quiet, reflective day of pampering--massage, mani/pedi, napping, etc.--will do. I like to spend the day thinking about what the next year might bring.

The year we all turned 30, my two closest girlfriends from high school and I treated ourselves to a long weekend in Sonoma, staying at a spa resort, sleeping late, and ordering cheese trays to our little bungalow. It was HEAVEN, although not technically ON my birthday. ;)

(I do love this photo, but if I win I may ask for your favorite from the tulip farm...wow, those are stunning!)

love the photo! dreamy.
happy birthday!
fav way to celebrate birthday - quiet happy fun time with husband and our pets :)

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! I really don't do much celebrating on my own birthday. We usually have cake. And I don't cook that day.

For my 40th birthday, I spent the weekend like a 7 year old. 20 family and friends went the the renaissance faire one day, then a picnic on the lakefront the next day.

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