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Happy Birthday, Elizabeth! You will be old now, until September, when I catch up to you again. Then we'll be youngsters together. :) In this busy stage of motherhood, my birthday usually means a night off in the kitchen. I can sit and daydream, or read, or whatever, and dinner and dishes are taken care of. That's a perfect gift for me, and one the husband and kids enjoy giving, because they all contribute. I love this photo; the color, and the way the edges are so diffused that it looks like a watercolor painting. Which says a lot about the awesomeness of this shot, because I'm really not a huge watercolor fan.

Happy Birthday! I remember 33...it was FABULOUS! And your photo? Oh my, it takes my breath away! I'd want an 8x10 & frankly, I'd paint my bedroom to match it...it is truly amazing!

Happy birthday!! What a wonderful way of celebrating!

My favourite way to celebrate my birthday is kind of boring I guess. I like to just have my closest friends, perhaps with some wine and play board games/chat. Remembering funny times, makings private jokes and obviously eating cake! Victoria sponge is my favourite, Yum! I also tend to spend the entire time taking photographs myself, so I can remember it in years to come.
I wouldn't mind sharing an experience with them for my next birthday - a workshop or camp or something we could share. =)

If I'm picked I'd love an 8x10 :)

I hope you enjoy the week,

I LOVE this photo! I don't really have a favorite way to celebrate, since for all intents and purposes my birthday kind of goes by the wayside around here (feel sorry for me enough to send the photo, yet? LOL!) But I CAN share two memorable ones, though, to make up for it. The first was when I was at college, and my roomates decided to have a surprise party for me. We were watching the Calgary Olympics (I lived in Edmonton at the time, so it was a big deal) and Elizabeth Manley was skating her silver medal winning skate (which was also a big deal), and people were arriving, and I just thought that they were coming over to watch the olympics! I had completely forgotten it was my birthday. Until Rodney shows up--this guy I'd had a thing for for AGES and who wasn't particularly interested in me, and he wasn't a regular at our house, and I looked at my roomate, and she said, "Happy Birthday." And I about died. Spent the rest of the evening awkwardly trying to avoid having to talk with him because I was that shy and socially malformed. LOL

The other was when I was teaching in a rough, inner-city school. I had a grade 7 music class that KILLED me every class. It was horrible. And then in the middle of one of their classes, the UPS guy comes to my door (I had a trailer classroom dealie) with a box from, of all people, my sister. I asked the class whether we would should open it together, and they thought it would be fun. So we did. And it was a party in a box! We had a ball. We blew up balloons, flung streamers around, put on party hats (she had planned it to come at school, so had sent loads)opened some presents, and designed a cake (she sent a mix). She had sent pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, so we played that and had a ball! It was the BEST present, and came at the perfect time. I'd like to say the class was easier after that. It wasn't--but at least we had one awesome memory that year.

And I realized I completely forgot to wish you a happy happy Birthday, in the midst of my long, rambling post above! Have an absolutely lovely day!

AND I forgot to let you know that IF I win the photo, I would like a 5 x 7, please. :o)

Yay for birthdays!!!

Usually I make it "my day" where I get to do whatever I want. I might feel like a pedicure, I might want to go out to lunch, for sure it includes some quiet reflective time. My mom makes a cake with my favorite frosting. Funny... thinking about it now, I treat myself like I'm special, like it's a special day. And how is any other day so different?? =)

Thanks for your posts and pictures. They are always so rich.


Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

Ummmm... my perfect birthday would be..... Den and I.. by ourselves, for an entire day. and to be anywhere but at home where we'd think of a thousand other things we should be doing besides enjoying each other's company. We don't do that nearly enough --

Happy Birthday, E!!! You know, you're almost young enough to be my daughter. I shouldn't admit that - it makes me OLD! Hope your day is fabulous!

I prefer a quiet meal out with family, but since my boys are scattered at opposite ends of the state, that doesn't happen often. Usually it's just me and the B-Boys. =)

Happy birthday!! My birthday was this week, too! :-)

In my family, birthdays were never a big celebratory day. We'd usually have cake, and as often as not when I was a teenager, I'd make my own cake. However sad that may sound, it definitely made me appreciate when people remember my birthday now. A friend and I are going to brunch and the movies this weekend to celebrate our special days (hers is next week). It's really nice to celebrate with friends!

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