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i'm so glad i won a photo! thank you, elizabeth! it' occurred to me that i didn't tell you my favorite way to spend my birthday...sleeping in...lots of cake...a walk with my dogs & family...and dinner out with my entire extended family (no clean up!) have an excellent night!

Congrats to the lucky ducks who won, E! Color me green. =) Hope your birthday was fabulous!

Happy birthday! Hope it was molto groovy!

Hope you had a great one, Elizabeth. Here's to a fantastic 33! (Love the photo.)

Congrats to the winners.

And ... thank you for being apart of my life too.

CONGRATS to Kirsten, Michelle & Sherron... and thanks for all the fun, Elizabeth! Happy Day :o) ((HUGS))

Congratulations to Kirsten, Michelle and Sherron!

Thank you for sharing yourself with us! I visit here always brings a smile to my face!

You're so kind to be giving away gifts for your birthday. Reminds me of a short story in the book, Zen Shorts.

Congrats to the winners.
one love.

Such a magical image. Love the soft gentleness..the blurr!!!

I love the color in you pictures..magical..

I've been in my own little bubble for so long that I missed this. BUMMER! More importantly, I missed wishing you the happiest! Happy, happy birthday, my friend.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for being part of my life. I hope that this coming year will be filled with even more of the good things you've enjoyed last year, and some new ones too!

I love that you put this picture sideways. It really struck me, as if the sideways-ness had something to tell me - it felt like a call to reconsider things from a different perspective, or something, and like it was telling me that upside down wasn't the only other perspective to consider. Interesting!

@josiane: now you've got me wondering if i did turn it sideways. i thought i took it sideways, but maybe i turned it. so yes, lots of different perspectives to consider!

@relyn: good wishes are lovely any time - so thank you. :)

@gloria, @marcie, @tracy: thank you!

@se'lah: i've never read that book. i'll have to look for it.

@gayle: and a visit to yours always brings a smile to mine. :)

@liss: i hope i make it to your land someday. wouldn't a photo outing be fun!

@meredith, @claire, @toni: it was lovely. :)

@kirsten: i like your idea too! and i hope you enjoy the photo!

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