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It is so good you understand the Why in your photography, a lot of people take photos of no understanding of why they are drawn to the subject the photograph.

I love they way you photography because your images are so different to mine. They make me see things take I never did.

On one side of the coin you express yourself in such a different why than I do but on the other hand when I read your post I learn we have simularities in our feelings feelings.

Exquisite!! So interesting how you've suddenly come upon what you're most drawn to. Love these images!!!

Such breakthroughs in discovery are moments of joy... Your breakthrough is our delight. :o) ((HUGS))

That is an epiphany and I know exactly how you felt! It is such a joyful feeling, and it doesn't come along often. Thank you for sharing these amazing images with us!

These are some of my favorite images of yours, Elizabeth, and I'm so happy you had your epiphany. I've always known that what you're doing with the camera is fine art!

I really like this set.

And I bet you would really enjoy Portraits: Talking with Artists at the Met, the Modern, the Louvre and Elsewhere by Michael Kimmelman. Made me realize that even the most famous artists have gaps between what's in their heads and what they actually create.

It's lovely to know that your more abstract pictures are pretty close to the images you have in your head. Thank you for sharing them; it's really an honor to get to see your creations.

Just a quick comment to say...I also love Rothko.
And your photography.

Love seeing what's in your head! You are lucky to have an outlet to express that. So are we.

These are so gorgeous I don't even have the words.

Wow comes close.

But more.

You have extraordinary mojo. And I'm glad to know you.

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