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I'm behind on my blog visits as well...but I'm happy I stopped by here today.

This photo is fantastic!

I wished you lived closer to Maryland, cause I could definitely use some reiki in my life. Congrats on starting a new career.

How exciting! I wish you the best of luck on your new beginning!

Congratulations, Elizabeth, on the upcoming career change! i know that "Reiki person" is more in line with your soul, and I'm happy for you.

Don't worry about the blog visiting. Our leisure time goes through cycles, like everything else. I have a feeling I soon will have *much* less time for blog reading, just because the garden work is ramping up as the season progresses.

Big move Elizabeth - congratulations!

I so love the pink tulips against the blue sky, such a soft and dreamy photo. May IS almost here! Wow! And hurray! Best of luck, dear friend. :)

So excited for you as you embark on this new journey in your life!

Pink tulips reaching for the sky - that's a gorgeous picture!
Take care of yourself in this period of transition. I'm thinking of you.

It's so very exciting, Elizabeth. (And we're not going anywhere.)

Those cotton candy tulips standing tall... an inspiration. I hope you have a wonderful week and come into May like those tulips.

Good luck with your new pursuit!

Dig the low angle shot. I've been taking a lot of those lately myself, but I'm way behind on putting photos up. Which reminds me I meant to finish tagging 2 recent batches but veered into the intertubes... sigh.

i really love this angle here of the tulips ...I am so happy for your new life chapter...

Elizabeth, I know you have been looking toward this for a long time. I am SO excited for you and wish for you BIG success in your new venture!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

Oh - I adore the dainty pink tulips with those drops on them!!!

Those tulips are AMAZING and I'm so excited for you! Reiki rocks. Congrats on taking the big leap. I left corporate life 3 years ago (wow, how can that be!?) and have never looked back. You are setting your spirit free - FLY!

That's so wonderful! I'm so excited for you!!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I hope it all goes smoothly and we look forward to seeing you back here in a while =)

Congrats on the career changing leap! Such good news.

Wow, congrats on following your heard! These moves are never easy! What does a reiki person do? I am not familiar :)

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