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Love love love bubbles! :) They always make me smile, especially when I am blowing them.

I am loving your Ode to Joy series. x

I absolutely love blowing bubbles. I might have to get some at Uni for dealing with the exam/revision phase.
Thanks for sharing

I packed some bubbles at the last minute for our recent retreat, as well as some other little "toys" and it was lovely. One of life's simple pleasures for sure! Oh - and they had swings there too - very freeing!

Oh, the joy of playing with bubbles!
I sense kind of a dreamy feel to that picture, probably because most of it is out of focus. It reminds me of the one you've posted not so long ago, mentioning that the out-of-focus-ness made its subject feel like a distant memory. In this case, I think it reinforces the association of bubbles with childhood. In any case, it sent me back to sweet memories!

@josiane: it is dreamy .. i was looking for a certain feel for a series, but i needed to use one for this post. i'm glad it took you for a walk down childhood lane!

@patty: you thought of everything!

@rose: i think they would help immensely.

@kat: i'm so glad. :)

@katie: me too. it is also fun to watch the pup's reaction to them (he is not quite so fond of them as me).

What an incredible photograph, Elizabeth. It's so subtle and delicate, and yet full of light and, yes, I can feel your joy. This is turning out to be a beautiful series documenting your word of 2010. :)

Excellent!! Love the perfect simplicity of this.

You captured a bubble on camera! You're my hero.

The first thing I brought into my new home in 2008 was a bottle of "bubble stuff." It's amazing how light blowing a simple bubble can make you feel.

Pure JOY! Enchanting photo, Elizabeth... How DID you get that bubble shop so perfect in its suspension... I'm in awe! Happy Week :o) ((HUGS))

Yes! I love this capture!

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