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oh my gosh, i just love this. kitty kitty!!!!

Oh my! I can almost hear the kitty purr!

I love this picture! Don't you just love it when the roll around scratching their backs? It's SO cute!! This cat must be very comfortable around you.

Awww... so perfect to represent joy. :)

elizabeth and atlas....
that is the BEST photo of you atlas and misses whiskers.
you are a great example of patience and persistence.
can.t wait to see the adventures this new friendship encounters.
loves to all.

This made me think of my kittens back home, which made me smile.
Thank you for taking the time to hare your joy with us each week!

He is definitely worth a chin scratch or two, don't you think?

Pure happiness!! Such a sweet capture!!!

aaahhh... BLISS! ...We can learn so much from animals... especially how to just really live in and enjoy the moment. :o) Happy Week, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

@tracy: so true. i think that every time i see atlas rolling around in the grass or insisting that we sit down in the grass when it's sunny out.

@marcie: happiness indeed.

@lynn: or three ;)

@rose: i hope you see your kitties soon!

@chrissy: hee. atlas has since been scratched on the nose twice. poor pup. he looks so sad afterwards, like "i love him. why does he hurt me so."

@meredith: animals really are

@sherron: i do love it! it is just so cute and fun. he's still a teeny bit nervous at times but mostly he seems to be comfortable around us now. yay.

@josiane: his purr is better felt than heard. it's so quiet, but you can feel it in the air.

@michelle: your video, and now my photos. this has been a week for kitty appearances! ;)

now that is a happy cat!! joy for sure!

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