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I hope you had a great day too...Happy Easter...love Gloria

Hope your easter was GLORIOUS for you and atlas.
im just sayin that WHEN...(not if)....WHEN i come visit you some day that im counting on gettin one of those fresh strawberry shakes from your little secret burgerville!
love you.

Sooo pretty... It is magical to see after so much winter! :o) Happy Days, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

Gorgeous photos, Elizabeth. Your eye is so great! I especially loved that last shot. Enjoying a strawberry milkshake is part of the season, too, surely.

Oooo - so pretty! It's definitely spring. Doesn't feel like it here today, but the birds are telling me otherwise...

lovely photos, lovely you!!!

how are you????

hoping all is shining bright in your corner of our world!!!

sending love and hugs

@kolleen: i am listening to the rain, wondering where my sunshine went. ;)

@patty: hey! how are you? did you feel the earthquake?!

@meredith: most definitely. i feel sure that more are in my near future.

@tracy: happy days to you!

@chrissy: you will have to visit during spring/summer then - strawberry season is short! that being said, all their seasonal milkshakes are stellar, including the pumpkin. :)

@gloria: i did, thank you!

good to know it is still spring somewhere, we seem to have reverted back to winter!

your pov is a delight to me! cheers!

I love seeing the signs of spring! Yum, the fresh strawberry milkshake sounds wonderful, too!

love the pink flowers, welcome to spring.

@liss: you must be close to fall then?

@gayle: it was. i could use another.

@elk: :)

@suvarna: we keep switching. it's hard to keep track.

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