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whoa. love these. bridges, like locks and gates, can mean/be so many things!!! thank you. xo

These are gorgeous photos. The colors are so cool and refreshing.

Very pretty indeed. I *love* the first picture.

i would love to walk across or drive across or skip across st. johns. what a beautiful bridge. i am envious of all the amazing places you live close to...thanks for sharing AGAIN my dear.

Looks like spring to me! :) So pretty!

Sooo lovely... that is a beautiful bridge! Love the soft, blue-green patina... :o) Happy Weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

What a beautiful old bridge. Love how you've captured it.

the color is amazing enough then the angles you achieved takes it over the top!!

The second photo is fantastic, Elizabeth! Hope you enjoy your weekend. :)

Beautiful! Did you find Spring?

@leanne: i did. remember the "signs of spring" photos from monday? that's where they were taken. the weather, however, was not quite so spring-like.

@meredith, @elk, @marcie, @tracy, @josiane, @katie: thanks!

@holly: appearances can be deceiving. ;)

@chrissy: i feel ever so lucky.

@michelle: so true. now, they always make me think of havi's question, "where is the bridge?"

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