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Those look so good. A mess maybe, but do you care all that much when you are eating chocolate and peanut-butter goodness? ;)

Ahhh, Elizabeth. You have to let them cool first. I know. It is hard, but give them a chance to get cool. :)

Ohmigosh. I think I might have to try these myself, even though I'm not self-employed. ;) They look and sound amazingly good.

Well, I can tell you that not-so-newly self-employed people have been scarfing down muffins and cake at an alarming rate around here lately! (If anyone asks, I will blame it all on recipe testing and a birthday party.) :)

Your description of the messy cookie eating scene is great - I was totally seeing it!

Uh...let 'em cool. :D

They look delicious!

that's hilarious - I can just picture you saying, 'NO!' and spraying crumbs... Something I would do too...


Well, delicious LOOKING.

And congrats on newly-self-employed - I missed that bit.

A thought about the gushy melty thing - the recipe looks like it actually calls for pressing the candy into the cookies after they're baked. Did you maybe bake the cookies with the candy in them? If so, maybe that altered the consistency?

OH my goodness, now I'm seriously hungry! Gorgeous looking cookies, totally worth the mess. That Atlas is one smart pup! I mean, you could hold a plate underneath, but that would mess up all his fun!

Ohhhhh they sound so yummy...messy but yummy...do you deliver ?

Thanks for the mouth watering eye candy! Happy Monday !

@kim: maybe i can send a packdog? ;)

@patty: he is clever. and from experience, he knows that me + kitchen + food on floor.

@steph: i added them afterwards, but they are still warm from the oven, hence the meltiness.

@andrew: thanks!

@leanne: wait? that word seems so strange. i wonder what it means? ;)

@josiane: clearly those require lots of muffin/cake eating!

@jerry: i did - finally. though they were melty even after i let them sit for a few hours! but after a night, they're now fine. :)

@meredith: true. but i was thinking about trying to take some for an adventure today. :)

my goodness.....i think i may be drooling!!!

those look like little tiny niblets of heaven!!!!

big loves to you beauty!!!


Now, that sounds really, really good. Tell me the self-employed thing is a good thing? I sure hope so.

i think ooey gooey chocolate and peanut butter all over my face and the floor sounds divine.
don.t change a thing dear friend.
and send some off to phoenix....
loves to you.

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