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Definitely good to have dreams...I think a heart shaped bokeh (had to look that up) is an awesome one. Enjoy the process, talented One !

I'm a little mystified on how this works. you may have given me a little project to undertake when I get a little free time.

I have a 50mm f1.8 lens, I just need to go buy so black cardboard.

i love the last one. sorry it was such a frustrating experience.

xo Alison

Well, at least you got cool shots out of it, Elizabeth. And I'm sure if you persevere in your experiment, you will succeed. I've seen those heart-shaped bokeh before, but I always thought they happened just by pure chance. Rather romantic and magical, that way. Now I have been disillusioned. Sigh.

You'll figure it out! I'm looking forward to see the pics you'll take with it. In the meantime, the ones you took with the "failed" attempts are beautiful. The second one would be gorgeous on a yellow/orange-y wall.

still, looks dreamy to me. sometimes we get something better than we were going for =)


@michelle: oh, yes. after i took the photo of the lavender, i was inspired. i have two lovely sets to share later. :)

@josiane: thanks, my dear. i will .. i think my paper wasn't thick enough.

@meredith: oh! i hope you forget quickly. *tries to remember the harry potter spell for forgetfulness - "confundium!"?*

@alison: yes, i love the last one too. after that, the frustration quickly disappeared. :)

@liss: i think my paper wasn't thick enough so black cardboard is definitely a good idea! post photos if you figure it out, please!

@kim: thank you!

That's cool, I'm going to have to see what I can rig up. (Don't have a dslr but may try it anyway.)

A suggestion: I often get my best bokeh shooting up through a canopy of tree leaves on a sunny day with my lens focus set as near to camera as possible. With the p&s, that's its macro setting. What I'm thinking is brighter sun, more color variation/more vibrant colors in the distance might make the pattern of your altered bokeh show up better.

It's actually pretty easy, E. It's easier at night - take a string of Christmas lights and plug them in, attach your heart (or star or tree or whatever your imagination dictates) to the front of your lens, set your aperture to as wide open as you can get and your shutter speed as appropriate (or use aperture priority mode), and then focus on something other than your string of lights or (focus on your lights and then manually take them out of focus). Once you get the hang of it with your Christmas lights at night, then you can translate it to anything else.

Um...that should read circle with heart shaped cut out. During the daylight, look for anything that will reflect or bounce light and has lots of surfaces - water drops, flower petals.

I tried this with a point & shoot and some cardboard. Not great results but not bad either shooting up into a leafy canopy on a bright day. One thing to watch out for is light reflecting from your mask to your lens (no doubt why black is a better choice than regular cardboard). Basically just look out for light from side angles. When light enters your mask at such an angle, it can reflect onto the lens washing out the image and reducing the bokeh.

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