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Awww. The sweet pup!

I used to sing like that to my dog, Pansy, too! Like, I'd sing "Georgie Girl" but substitute "Pansy Girl." And then she'd beam at me.

Love your rendition of 'hello Dolly'. Made me laugh!!!

You are silly.
But isn't it great that our pooches love us when we are silly. :)

Chica's real name is Chiquitita, you know, after the ABBA song. We like to dance to that one a lot. Sing a new song, Chick - ahhh - tee-taaaahhhh....

Happy Wednesday !

I think that is so sweet!

Atlas looks sort of brown tinted in the top image, but more gray in the bottom. In real life, does the look of his color change in changing light? He is such a handsome pup!

What a total sweetface. Very excited because I just realized that I will be in his proximity very soon! This makes me nervous, like I'm meeting a heartthrob.

Btw, I sing songs to my cats too. One, of course, is "What's New, Pussycat?" There's another one I made up titled "Oysters Are For People" with a tune like a witchy dirge from a Disney movie.

One of my dogs, Chassie, starts barking and dancing around when I sing. When I sing to her, she goes nuts! She's my one-dog-groupie-fan-club!

@all: i love your stories. so nice to know i'm not the only one who sings to the pup. :)

@gayle: yes .. it shifts from browner to greyer. i usually say he's taupe if i have to write down his color for something. i can never pin it down exactly.

Hee Heee... Hello, doggy. I love that. I sing songs all the time, too. I regularly make them up and change words around. It's a favorite game around here.

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