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so nice to enjoy what is, instead of wish for what isn't.

this is the most perfect post.

i've been mentally complaining about the weather here... this post feels like a "oh honey" rather than a "you butthead." that might not even make sense, but it was just what i needed.

and i love those little raindrops jumping for joy. thank you.

My favorite people are the ones who can roll with it; who can absorb a change in plans and happily enjoy whatever surprises life brings them. People like you.

Opening up to what is.
{Hiro sigh}

Beautiful!! Both the actual image and the mental/emotional one. :)

how wonderful that you were able to enjoy it in a different way.

what a great perspective - one that we need lots of reminding about. at least I do! I've been thinking a lot about the whole "want what you have" concept lately. perfect - I'm glad you found the joy!

Wow! This image is amazing! I'm glad that the day was good even with the rain.

Love the dof. So peaceful and calm. Wonderful soft colors!!!

so calm so peaceful rainy days are hard for the younger set!!

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