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Wonderful images..and I laughed when I read the piece about the tsp. of sugar. They all have a nose for these kinds of things!!!

Oh, Atlas... That top photo is wonderful... sort of "go ahead, make my day"-kind of look he's sporting there... haha... The spoonful of sugar made me laugh to. Dogs are endlessly fascinating creatures. :o) Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

Love these, and learned something new! Is that top one his raincoat face?

Wow. A teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water? I have newfound respect for those inquisitive canine noses.

As always with Atlas, though, it is the eyes that get to me. So beautiful and expressive!

Ohhh, those eyes... interesting about the raincoat. Muffin balks when we put her in sweaters, but seems to enjoy them once they're on. And she absolutely adores being covered with blankets.

atlas is such an awesome name for a dog. bad pet names is a huge pet peeve of mine. atlas is officially one of my favorites.


xo Alison

Even though you know your pup so well, there are still so many things to learn about him! It's great that someone knew about some of these things and could tell you in a way that you could understand - because no matter how expressive Atlas is, our communication styles are so different that it's very hard to get everything he has to say...


My friend, Marissa, has a pup named Sidekick. I asked her why he was always rolling in the most horrific things and she explained how their noses are thousands of times more acute than ours, plus they see in B&W. So, for them, rolling and smelling are like putting on a amazing rainbow dressing gown. Now I wonder what he's seeing when he sticks his nose in the air and breathes deeply - what wonderful things he gets to see that the rest of us can never imagine.

The more you understand about dogs, the more amazing they are. I just went and looked on our library's website and they have that book! I know what I'll be checking out this week!

I picked up this book at the library about a month ago. Fascinating book. I really enjoyed it. It broadened my perspective of dogs.

oh big hugs to handsome boy...

so adorable! what great tips. i really need to be more dog educated. thanks for sharing... and those stoic photos are fabulous. xoxo

They're amazing, aren't they? I would love to be a dog or a cat or a bird for one day to experience what they do - smelling all these amazing smells, or seeing in the almost-dark, or being able to see the ultraviolet markings of flowers. We think they're like us mostly, but they're not. They're their own tribes, with inner lives we can't imagine.

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