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Past tense... Hopefully that means you are moving forward. :o) I have "issues" with perfection. I'm a "bad" Buddhist in that respect. I can so easily see the perfection in others and the things around me. But I've always had a harder time completely recognizing the good in me already, as it is. Lots behind this, but I make progress as I grow older. ;o) Beautiful, heartfelt post, Elizabeth... Happy Week ((HUGS))

Look at yourself through Atlas' eyes if you want to see perfection.

I don't shoot a lot of people either (you may have noticed). It's never really been my thing. Sometimes I do find it kind of fun, but mostly, I feel like they might find it intrusive and I feel more comfortable with inanimate objects. Often, when people find out that I do photography, they think I may want to do some kind of portrait and I usually end up explaining that that's not the type of photography I do (no weddings, please!)
I do like the rain photos!!

I think the past tense is a very good sign. I like what commenter Jerry Critter said. I feel like none of us are perfect, yet we are all perfect. But still, I do not often feel content with myself. Sigh.

Those pictures are fascinating.
I love that you asked for insight on that question after your Shiva Nata practice; it brought up a beautiful answer. The use of past tense is indeed striking and, yes, feels hopeful. That makes me happy. :)

Oh, I love this: "Look at yourself through Atlas' eyes if you want to see perfection."

We are our own worst critics in so many ways. I'd love to also hear your "excuses" for not photographing people...this facinates me, for some reason.

I love water. Great photographs.

Those pics are haunting. They do bring up something raw and far away. Thank for you sharing that.

This is such a big time for you... not a wonder good (hard) questions are coming up! Sending a gentle hug... xo

Whoa. Amazing photos, amazing insight! I don't know what your past looked like, but it sounds to me like the rain clouds are slowly clearing, making room for a bright future.

Oh Elizabeth, in a way I understand. I photograph people because I see beauty in everyone but myself.

But you know what I see so much beauty in you though your words and your images of the things you do photograph. Your pictures are a beautiful insight to your soul.

Every new day brings opportunities to take photos of what ever you want.

I don't shoot people because they move. :)

Love your introspection.

stricking image ..even more striking thoughts ..me too E

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