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mine sure was. today has been lazy, but yesterday included hours and hours of sitting on a blanket with the sun with dear friends.

and por que no....i love that place so much. i try to go at least twice when i'm in town! maybe we should meet up there next time!

It was a busy weekend over here. I've made a giant baby step towards putting one of my things out there yesterday (yay!) and was hoping to do what remained to be done for it to be out there for real, but the day was filled with fun family stuff, so... tomorrow, hopefully.
I love the colors in your pictures today - really nice combo.

@vivienne: yes, let's! i'm glad you had such a good weekend.

@josiane: eeeeeeek! i am so excited for you! yay you!

i love these pictures so much... maybe even more so because it was SO hot here today. (which i also really liked.)

what fun weekend discoveries you made!! i loved my hammock time today, finally wrote a few personal notes to friends (AND got them addressed and stamped, which is almost a miracle), and went out for super yummy thai dinner. it was a GREAT weekend!!


Love these photos...so serene. And yes, I had a very good weekend ;)

Sounds sooo good, Elizabeth! And I love these "watery" photos. The weekend went all too fast... hubby & I were in the garden working all weekend--the muscles are feeling it today--ouch... LOL! Happy Week :o) ((HUGS))

It sounds like a lovely weekend.. how did those lemon thingies turn out?

@amy: fabulous. check your email; i sent you the recipe last night.

@tracy: sounds like a worthwhile ouch!

@caroline: glad to hear it :)

@michelle: that sounds like a perfect weekend! now i am dreaming about hammock time.

Yes, a full and happy weekend it was! I'm going to post some pics from the VB tournament on FB. Thanks for the reference - I look forward to checking out the other ones. I swear, there is so much great stuff out there these days... no lack of inspiration, that's for sure!!!

looks + sounds wonderful. thanks for the lovely links!

xo Alison

so happy as everyone else that you enjoyed your weekend...
i have to agree....viviennes. post ROCKED.
i read it over and over and over.
loves to you E.

i caught a glimpse of these photos and i fell in love.

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