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i feel like you forgot the best one, but maybe you haven't gotten used to calling him it yet, since i just made it up recently, and i haven't been around to call him it myself;)
but i have to say, that is a lot of names....kia only has around 5 or less:)

Oh, I love pupperdoodle! I know what you mean about feeling like there are more names. I'm sure there are. I've thought of more names that I call Timmy since I wrote my list!

My dog Harley's nickname was inspired by this t-shirt: http://benvstheworld.blogspot.com/2007/08/narf-is-hella-narf.html

It says "Narf! Sh**! Get Wit It!"

And it inspired a total stranger to write a blog post about it, because WHAT does that even mean?

For some reason when this seemed like a good nickname for my dog at the time, except we managed to change "Narf" to "Larf," which completely fits him.

He's such a larf. A larf is very larfy.

Larfs lay around in the sun, doing not much at all. Larfs don't walk, they amble. They also drool a lot.

Sometimes he is called "pumpkin," but only on special occasions.

My dog is alternately Sami (her real name)...Sami-Sam..hey-u-u...girlie..and - of course - pup. Amazing how many names we do have for our loved ones!!!

Oh, this is a funny and sweet list, Elizabeth. You've made me realize I probably call my kitties by many, many names, as well, some of them quite goofy. (In fact, "goofball" is on Leo's list. ;)

They say the reason God has been given so many names is because of love. I guess it works the same way with anyone, human, animal, or spirit, we cherish. :)

Very cool! I love how we come up with pet names for those we love, people and animals. My dogs are Lucy - aka Noodle, Doodle, Loop, Beautiful girl, Slobber, Dribble, and so many others; and Eddie - Sweetie, Eddie Mo, Mobeds, Tookesee, etc. Like you said, it's a wonder they answer to anything!

I'd bet he answers to the loving intonation in your voice, no matter which name you use! :)

I'm still cracking up! So you actually do call him Atlas once in a while??

Oh this is so much fun - I could read these all day!

I call Grover a million things, but the first that come to mind are Farfenuggen, Farfedoodle, Smarfey, Marfey, and Farfel. And Purple Dog. No clue why.

Now I'm inspired to go make a complete list!

so cute! i have a ridiculous amount of nicknames for my cats. yours for your pup are so wonderful!

xo Alison

@alison: i thought i had a ridiculous amount, but it seemed rather short once i listed them out. ;)

@briana: those are awesome! i am so curious how he got all of them.

@patty: once in a while, lol .. mostly i call him sweetie.

@josiane: that probably is what he responds to, when he responds. ;)

@nancy: i love your list too. it is so much fun to see other people's lists!

@meredith: goofy names are the best. (hence the reason i call the pup goofy. ;) and i love your thought about names + love. beautiful.

@marcie: very amazing! love the "hey-u-u". i also love the name sami - such a great name.

@kelly: i must meet larf someday. actually, i want to be a larf; well, minus the drooling. ;)

@gayle: i kept stopping to think ..

@helen: i totally thought about your attempt at a nickname and i refused to put it down. i do not allow it. ;) also, it's not something i call him anyway so it couldn't go in my list.

well, like i say, when i come there and call him it, it'll stick;)

Sooo sweet! snufflepupagus and sir atlas are my favorite, but all have their endearing qualities. Our cat Charlie, we have about 50 cutesy names for him...It's a wonder he even knows what his name is... LOL! Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

this is too cute!
the big kahuna! sweet thang! my, miles, is a little something, with a big heart.
: )

I love that we have been inspired by the same people and ideas.

What a fun post, E. I love all your names for Atlas. I have some pet names for my two, some of which can't be listed here, but the main ones are Sweet Pea for Buster and Puppy Dog and Buddy Boy for Buddy. Sometimes I mix them up and turn them around and they really get confused.

ahh.. very cute.
yes, i've lots of names for both of my dogs too- they change over time. i should make a list too! :)

Snufflepupagus ... now that is adorable.

But I'll bet he prefers to be called Sir Atlas, yes? Royalty has its perks.

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