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what a wonderful project! i bet those cards will arrive just when they're needed :)

did you do the scrapbook in the photo? it is totally amazing & i'd love if i could post it on my blog (but won't do so without your permission).

That's an awesome idea! Love it.

Your scrapbook is so neat- the black paper really makes the photos and writing stand out.

Elizabeth, I love your idea for postcards that give us a little boost when we need it, in the real-world mailbox. Congrats on starting this super cool thing!

Elizabeth, I loved reading about one of your MAN ALIVE moments. I am so glad that you have the music to pull you back into it on demand. I also love your idea and wish you much success!

what a nice idea, Lib. Your photos certainly have the ability to uplift, and there is something about "nice" mail amidst the junk that really can bring a smile, isn't there?

i love the idea, and i don't think the word heaven will be a turn off- it's not overly religous- is that why you thought it might be a turn off to some?

i have a few songs that do that, too:) i'm not sure if i ever saw your scrapbook, i'll have to look at it someday.

Congratulations on launching your new venture, Elizabeth. Encouragement is a beautiful thing to put out there, and the world could always use more of it. :)

It's so fabulous that you were able to get this going so quickly! Yay for sending those delightful postcards from heaven out into the world! I can't wait to receive mine. :)
(I've completely forgotten to write a note in the "message to seller" box specifying what kind of support I need, but hey, you have a pretty good idea what could be useful right now... and I'll keep you updated, of course!)

i really love this idea!

This is such a perfect idea!!!! And being one of those people who hesitates at the word heaven, I still associate it with positivity & light in contexts like this, so don't worry ^_^

What a sweet idea!

nice! such a lovely idea from an even lovelier (i'll say the icy water worked) lady.

oh i hope this will be such joyful experience ..i know it will be for the recipients!!

This is amazing! I do a similar project and feel a great need for someone to take care of me. How soon can I sign up for my session???

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