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WOW .... is this one of your paintings?

@liss: no, they're photos. but that makes me wonder if it's possible (for me, that is) with the paints ..

gorgeous! :)

Ah, bliss! I'm so glad I came here today, Elizabeth. :)

Absolutely stunning!! Like a painting. Love the colors!!

How beautiful! I want to wear something with those colors!

Oh! Rose petal heaven.
And a brilliant choice of quote.

gorgeous. what a lovely way to start the week :)

xo Alison

Oh such beautiful soft warm colours. They make me feel happy. :)

These images are gorgeous. Tell me about them. Please.

@relyn: it's a too-close photo of a rose in aperture mode and i moved the camera at the same time as i pressed the shutter.

@rhayne: i'm so glad. hope all is well with you!

@alison: thanks! i hope your whole week was gorgeous.

@kat: google is ever so helpful ;)

@gayle: oooh! if you find something, do share photos!

@meredith: i'm so happy you stopped by. i always think of you when i see flowers. :)

@helen, @vivienne: thanks!

Gorgeous colors! I love how the yellow and the pink are blending together.

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