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haha ours were black and white....hunter orange and kelly green lost by one vote (voted for by most of the boys in our class) ;) but yes, those would be good colors, we didn't have too good of combinations to pick from.

Black & green...eeewww... Not sure about that combo--LOL! I like our class color were a royal blue and white--not back. But if I recall rightly, our prom colors were black & purple--lovely, the colors of a bruise! haha... I was wondering not long ago if schools still did colors, probably do, tradition and all that. LOVE your pink & gray combo here, Elizabeth--now that's a pairing I really like. Happy Day ((HUGS))

Eeewwww! Black and green? Pink and gray are terrific, though. Some day, I'd like to have a pink and gray living room. The palest versions of both colors. Wouldn't that be loverly?

Hey, I'm dying laughing. I just noticed that Tracy said the exact same Eeewww...

We didn't have class colors, and now I feel quite certain we should have!

We had school colors, of course--blue and gold. Neither are favorites, but seeing them together can still make me nostalgic.

Green and yellow, hotdog mustard yellow with crayola green. HORRIBLE.
The photo is beautiful.

My high school made the same mistake as Kaths, green and gold. Only our green was deep forest green -- oh, so lovely when combined with a mustard-ochre gold color. Yech! And for graduation, the girls' robes were gold, and the boys' green. I look hideous in yellow. :(

@helen: close save! when i was in school, black & white was considered "generic". a shame, since it's a good combination.

@tracy: that is like a bruise. how funny.

@relyn: that would be gorgeous!

@jen: i dislike the combo too much to be nostalgic. ;) i can barely look at my yearbook (which is black with green print).

@kath: oh, the horror! that's even worse than ours!

@meredith: oh, my goodness. i feel for you.

Pretty ! I have a gorgeous black and white daisy shot on my dresser in the office/guest bedroom. Taken by this great photographer named elizabeth somebody and give as a gift of light...how cool is that ?! ;)

Had colors for the prom I think but I don't recall what they were.

School colors: maroon & gold. Bleck.

However, for college, they were rose & pewter, i.e. pink & grey.

Red and white for me. Our school mascot was a demon. No kidding. So our red was devil-red. LOL

Our colors were black and baby blue. The baby blue was kind of radical back then, when most of the colors were really bold. I liked it - and I think I would like black and green also if the green was nice and light, but I'm guessing it wasn't! College - brown and gold (WMU!) Cool pic!

@kim: that is very cool! it makes me happy. :)

@claire: maroon & gold. hmmmm. not the greatest, i'll agree. but rose & pewter sounds lovely!

@sherron: i can picture it!

@patty: thanks! that grey thing made a fabulous backdrop. yeah, a light green would have been ok. but no, it was that real green. the color you'd see in a color chart for green. ugh.

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