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sweet picture! i love the colors :)

I love this image!

I have no experience with postcard printers. Good luck on your search!

Our church has used vistaprint in the past w/ good results. I think I sent you one of the postcards when I sent you some notecards.

Love this pic!

wonderful image.

i used moo cards for my holiday cards this year and they were high quality and great resolution. www.moo.com


That photo is amazing, Elizabeth. Love it! I hope you find somewhere good for your cards. :)

I am in love with this picture. Totally and completely. It's wonderful. Thank you! (And good luck finding a printer-company for your postcards.) :D

i'm entranced... what is it??

This is one of the most extraordinary and beautiful and intriguing images I have ever seen! If the inside of my head looked like that, I'd be a happy girl indeed. :-)
I'm also following along KRR's e-course and I'd have to say that your blog already embodies many of the things that she has discussed to far, particularly the authenticity and heart. Not to mention incredible talent!

love this. makes me feel blissful.
hope you're full of bliss.

you crack me up elizabeth.
i am taking flying lessons too.
late comer of course.
i have a lot of catching up so my head is REALLY spinning like that.
i miss you.

This image is wonderful, Elizabeth... it really sums the fuzz a mind can get with so much running through it. Wish I could help on the cards, but am clueless... Do hope someone here will have a good lead for you. :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

When Vistaprint has a sale, that's a good way to go. Costs a few dollars to upload your photo the first time, but after that you can keep using it for free.

Loving your pics! Great idea about the cards, there.

yay! vistaprint and moo! thanks, @holly, @valerie, and @shannon! i'll check them both out.

@tracy: happy day to you!

@chrissy: oh! fun! so glad you're in the class too. :)

@ann: i really am.

@kat: i hope that *is* what the inside of my head looks like. ;) and thank you so much for that sweet comment. i am touched and teary.

@michelle: http://brilliantdays.com/how-to-create-amazing-circles/

@steph, @meredith, @gayle: thanks! i just really want to avoid buying a printer. :)

@helen: thanks, my dear! xoxo

this is beautiful!
it seems so many people are taking these flying lessons & i'm so curious about them!
happy postcarding, flying, & beautifying!

That's a wonderful image!! I love it!! Sorry I can't be any help on the postcards, though.

very cool picture! so soft and floaty. it looks like a bubble!

i was also interested in making postcards and was glad to see some of your answers ;)

still enjoying flying lessons! it's so awesome...

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