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Too sweet. Those eyes....

I love how expressive his face is. He does look quite wise here!

I think you just made my week. This is so delightful. Yes yes yes!!!!

Please, more! I would buy an entire "the walrus said" calendar. That wasn't a hint or anything. Sorry, I'll stop now.

"An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great langauge" Martin Buber I highlighted this quote a while back and was waiting for just the right moment to use it. I think the moment has come!!

@patty: good quote! very fitting.

@kelly: you are cracking me up. thanks for the idea!

@gayle: he is very wise.

@marcie: i do love his eyes. and his ears. and his head. and his fur .. ;)

Atlas is a get involved kind of guy, I love that about him! This is sweet--I love this series, Elizabeth, please make it regular! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Kelly always comes up with such great ideas! And you're doing a fabulous job of bringing this one to life.
(Ha! I just realised it's my leg in the background - too funny!)

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