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Yes..I have to agree. I see 'I love you' all over his face!!!

I think my son has the same expression.

haha...that is so funny! Atlas you are ADORABLE, no matter what face you pull. :o) Our kitty Charlie has a similar look... one he gets when I'm taking too many photos of him... ;o) Happy Day, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

I think you nailed it. ;)

Dogs can say more with their eyes in a second than we can with our mouth in an hour.

"Are you really planning to wear that in public?"

@kelly: i'm dying of laughter over here. i *was* wearing my pajamas that day. i mean, they're just like clothes, and i was only going for a walk.

@jerry: so true. i could do worse than following atlas' example.

@sharyn, @marcie: :)

@tracy: charlie & atlas could commiserate together.

@liss: love it. now we need to see a photo!

I reckon it's a homage to Gary Coleman i.e. "Whatchutalkinbout, Willis?"

Get that camera out of my face, I am not in the mood.
I love your photographs and your dog is such a wonderful character, thank you for sharing him with us. I really enjoy your blog.

hahahahaha second to kelly's comment above...that's exactly it! :)

Your interpretation makes the photo even funnier. ;)

I think your guess is right on!

I agree with Kat! That's exactly the expression Gary Coleman made!

@kat, @sherron: really! that's hilarious. it's been so long since i saw that expression that i cannot picture it.

@leone: thank you! i'm so glad you enjoy it.

@helen: hey! that's no fair. you probably do know what i was wearing. lol.

@meredith: ;)

@gayle: knowing atlas, it probably is. ;)

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