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for the moment in my wild and precious life, i plan on coveting the photos from your last two posts. and i'm imagining them as two sets of vertical triptics in my bedroom.

thanks for the beautiful images, pretty lady :)

One of my favorite quotes, paired with a series of beautiful abstracts. Somehow those shots spoke to me of passion and fearlessness, a message I needed today. :)

oh my! these images are perfectly matched with the quote!
i love them all.

This is one of my favorite quotes too... I often revisit it when I need a kick in the pants! This is a summer of change for me, small, quiet changes that will be big later--saving my sanity, helping my health and expanding some creative horizons. Your images are ironically how I'm feeling just now--fuzzy and beautifully mussed...I'm excited! Happy Weekend, Elizabeth.

that is the best question...
i am going to think of it all day.
thanks for always encouraging and uplifting me.

Beautiful! I love how you've been putting photos together- they'd be gorgeous in a set on a wall.

beautiful, my dear! i adore may oliver.

Great pics, and a very good question! The first thing that popped to mind is that in order to make the most of that one wild and precious life of mine, I'd have to do less planning (or, more accurately, thinking) and more doing...

@josiane: ahhhhh. interesting! that's probably true for me as well.

@alison: me too.

@julie: thanks! they would. i wish i had a million frames. i'd turn my spare room walls into a flower garden. (actually, that's a brilliant idea. must note.)

@chrissy: happy pondering!

@tracy: those sound like good changes to make. we all want you to be sane and healthy. <3

@vivienne: i found the flowers on alberta street!

@meredith: glad i posted them then!

@jen t: that makes me so happy. i can see them on your walls too.

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