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hehehe...(i don't think i need to add the rest), altho i guess i used to listen to cassettes and now they're non-existent, but i don't know if they're antiques ;)

Those are great! Is the first image an adding machine?

When I was in middle school we had a typing class and we used manual typewriters. It was always difficult for me to press down the keys that I had to use my weak little pinkie fingers for!



xo Alison

It seems that antiques are being created faster and faster these days - it's a little scary, especially when you consider that they actually make things knowing that they have a very short life (so that you will then buy a new one) and that most of them will end up in the landfill. Something wrong with that picture!

i know!!! i love the look of old typewriters, but it must have been exhausting for the fingers to have to work so hard!

I only have one word: Suzette! And a second one, maybe: yum! ;)

It is odd to consider... Especially as I'm getting to an age where toys are played with as a child are now termed "vintage" on e-Bay and elsewhere...LOL! Wonderful typewriter. My Mom once had a lovely old Remington--I think it was a sagey green... wonder if she still has it? hhhmmm... Happy Weekend, Elizabeth ((HUGS))

Beautiful photos Elizabeth! And it really is an odd feeling, to look back at the things we grew up with, and realize they are labeled retro, or vintage... or antique!

Though, I enjoy telling my father he's almost an antique ;) Luckily, I get my sense of humor from him, so he can enjoy the joke!

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