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i love
love bridges
& am running
on to
this one now...
can you see me
waving at you
in the picture?!

How fun! Count me in!

So lovey, so fun, and so generous, Elizabeth! LOVE your photo today--perfect. I'm at home with a cold, so my participation today is somewhat limited, but no less fun. Happy Week :o) ((HUGS))

Oh, what a lovely idea. I'll have to stop by Se'lah's place and see all the bricks being laid for this delightful bridge. I wish I'd realized about it sooner, but maybe I can think of something anyway. It's not even 11:00 o'clock and I'm acting as if the day is over, LOL. I guess that tells me how early my days are becoming in the summer heat. :)

That photo is wonderful, Elizabeth! Enjoy performing your R.A.K.s today.

Happy tears, as I see all the kindness out here today. Thanks so much for all you do. one love, my dear friend.

When I saw your beautiful picture my mind immediately thought about the song Bridge over troubled water. Let's hope many people are willing to be a bridge for a stranger.

Have a lovely day.

i love that bridge

how sweet. and if i win, pick another name since i'm still enjoying my previous prize (and I never win anything!).

btw, are you here in ca or is this an old pic?

off in the distance and close up I see such beauty heat . simple yet stunning..

Oh, so my brother shares his birthday with the Dalai Lama! How cool! I'll have to tell him, I'm sure he'll love that piece of info. :)

@josiane: that is neat! happy birthday to your brother. :)

@elk: thank you!

@michelle: it's an old photo. i was looking for a photo of a bridge and this is the first one i found that i hadn't used already.

@kerri: me too.

@elizabeth: i love that song. come to think of it, that would've made a good blog title. thanks for stopping by!

@se'lah: thank you, my dear. so glad you invited us to join you. <3

@meredith: that's one thing about summer .. it is a time for sleepiness. :)

@tracy: i hope you're feeling better today!

@rachel: *waves back*

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