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Aww thanks! We could use the sunshine today as we're supposed to attend kids day activities for Cherry Festival and go to a BBQ and a parade tonight... :) I love that last photo. :)

i LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! one of those top two might take over as my fav. photo ever...they're beautiful! <3

This starts me off on the right foot! I totally love the bokeh in the last image!

Beautiful way to start the day. Thank you, Elizabeth. The third one down is my favorite; almost looks like it was taken underwater. So serene. :)

oh..me..to.. your photo series is amazing !

Lovely! And I'd happily take some cool breezes... #meltinginthisheatwave

fantastic! we've got all those things you wished for us here - thanks to the air conditioner bringing us cool breezes from the 100 degree heat! :)

hope you have a wonderful day!

Wishing it right back at you!! Wonderful images!!!

thank u for that sweet wish, and lovely photos!

@maya: hurrah for air conditioners!

@josiane: i hope they found you.

@helen: now i'm curious what your favorites were before! ???

@holly: based on your photos, it looks like you got that sunshine!

wishing you the same dear girl xoxo

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