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Joy is a magic word!
A really thoughtful post.
I think I love all seasons
but may be spring the least......

I'm so happy for you, Elizabeth. Enjoy the rekindling of your old love affair -- and your joyous new freedom. :)

How true this post is - I too have fallen in love with Summner again. Perhaps because I am retired ( apart from my writing )and no longer have to 'catch' the sunny days as they appear but am more relaxed and now select the shady spots to enjoy it all. This has been a special summer for us - not so much treatment for my Husband so it has brought extra joys.

isn't it great that when you love summer, it loves you right back ?

now winter on the other hand.....oh, now there's a bad relationship that should be eradicated !

Amazing how much nicer life is when we can align ourselves with the seasons. Wonderful summer image!

All that you said you've found to love about summer now, are all the things I love about it!

I love that you've fallen in love with summer again. Decadent.

@paulita: summer is decadent! love that.

@gayle: great minds think alike. clearly my mind is catching up to yours. ;)

@marcie: that is so true.

@beth: yes! so great. i'm actually curious how winter will feel this year. we'll see ..

@susie: i'm glad you're enjoying it - and are enjoying the extra joy of the fewer treatments for your hubby.

@meredith: i will, thanks!

@elizabeth wix: thanks for commenting! i do like spring for the blossoms.

Yes a little flexibility in our lives can allow us to enjoy the hot season without hating it!
Think siesta, like in the latin world!!! Shut down when it's hot...wake back up again when it's tolerable. :)

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