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i like them too, altho i've only been to a couple and mainly w/ you, i think:)

i haven't been to a farmer's market in months. gah. i'm so envious of all this loveliness. gorgeous photos!

xo Alison

Something about all of the fresh produce = happiness, doesn't it? Even if I don't buy much in the end. I'm eager for our own garden to begin bearing it's fruits!

Lovely! You're lucky to have such a neat farmers' market!

Ah, and it's easy to see why. :)

oh! I haven't been to a farmer's market in ages... I swear I feel refreshed just looking at these pictures!

Yay! I love farmer's markets! Thanks for taking us on a photo tour of yours- the items look irresistable. What did you buy?

Beautiful! We have a new farmer's market that's pretty close to us. I need to go check it out.

a rainbow of natural color ...nice to see

@elk: oh! thank you for pointing that out! a rainbow. i love it.

@gayle: if you do, you'll have to share photos. :)

@julie: a garlic/chive pesto, green beans, cucumbers, bread, and a jar of honey (i wanted the jar - it said atlas mason on it)

@heidi: they are so fun.

@meredith: i know, right! all the color.

@josiane: i appreciate them immensely.

@alison: i imagine you have good ones near you?

@helen: clearly you'll have to visit in the summer again. :)

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