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CONGRATS to Avonelle (what a pretty name)!! Your RELIEF series here is so very calming and refreshing, Elizabeth... I'd like to take that coffee, book and be sitting in that chair eyes resting on the wave...*sigh*... Thanks for the afternoon pick-me-up! ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

My thoughts too, Tracy! Avonelle is a pretty name, and the Relief photo collection is so perfect... I'd love this to be my morning. Or afternoon, or evening... sigh...

Lovely set, and the way Tracy put it made me realise that you can make it tell a story. Sweet! (I hadn't spotted it at first glane, because my mind was busy going all "ah, memories from a day at Fuel Café...") :)

interesting - I guess I missed this. As you know, I also adore pairing words and images - not sure why, but it is just so much fun! Cool shots and I think I recognize that chair??

so that first photo. hi. wishing i could walk through that door. right now.


ahhhh, lovely images!

@tracy, @nora: me too, me too. i wish we were all there together.

@josiane: that is indeed where the last photo is from! the coffee photo is from a different coffee shop on another day.

@patty: yeah, i don't know why i find it fun either. it just is! (and yes, you do indeed recognize the chair!)

@liz: i wish you could too. sooner than you think. xoxo

@rachel: thank you :)

Hurray! These are just awesome! I think they capture the word beautifully.

Thanks for the lovely giveaway, Elizabeth. I'm looking forward to seeing them!

Don't you absolutely ADORE Shadow of the Wind? I have his newest book just waiting, aching to be read.

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