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I'm definitely intrigued by Shiva Nata. Perhaps you know the answers to a few of my questions? I'd be much obliged.

Do you think your noticing of patterns & such comes from Shiva Nata alone or from (presumably) Havi's approach to doing Shiva Nata?

Or phrased another way, why are Shiva Nata’s movement patterns more effective for rewriting patterns than ballroom dancing, hopscotch, DDR, or some other flail-worthy pursuit? Have any books been written on the science of it? My library network has nothing and I haven’t see any on Amazon.

And more simply, is all of Dance of Shiva performed standing? Sort of like karate or Tai Chi forms? Just trying to get a feel for it...

I think Popeye would agree with me in saying that muscle-y is a word--but generally the c is pronounced. :)

More of the things we love *is* a good thing. Yay!

Clearly, you have found how to explain it, because this was a terrific post! Showing the effect Shiva Nata has on your photography through your pictures was a great idea. As writers say: show, don't tell!
I'm still having a hard time finding the words to describe it myself, which is a bit of a problem since I will soon be putting up my website and announcing my classes... oh well, I guess I simply have to do it some more, maybe with new words or something crazy, and hope to have a few of those glorious moments of bing! :)

Interesting reading, Elizabeth. I have never seen Shiva Nata performed or anything, so I'm just flying blind here on trying to grasp what's going on. :) It sounds a bit like a meditation-through-motion practice. Is that accurate, do you think?

That first photo is intensely beautiful. Love it!

Beautiful photos, Elizabeth. And a great description of Shiva Nata. Why oh why will my brain not let me do it on a consistent basis? I need all the epiphanies I can get!

i enjoyed your flower photos as always...the shiva looks wonderful, I looked at the video ..that takes some real coordination!!

All I know, for certainty, is that these photos are beautiful. Clearly it's working!

Squeeee! Yay! for teaching Shiva Nata at creative retreats! Oh excellent biggifying!!!

(I have this weird idea that I want to teach to brain injured people. There. Said it out loud.)

Still squeeing for you! Love the retreat pages.

loving the blur of your dance

I am hearing the language you are speaking, Elizabeth! Though I knew a tiny bit about, shiva nata, I am even more intrigued, and how you connect it to your creative life. I feel something similar when my yoga practice is maintained with reverence and dedication weekly. I notice that my creative game is "off" when I'm off the yoga mat for long. I find that the spiritual and the creative overlap in a beatiful way. VERY excited about your shiva nata retreats! And I'm lost in the ecstatic dirvish-like blur of your images. Keep dancing, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

i love these photos and their focus! so however you got to them, it's working!

Perfect description of Shiva Nata and beautiful photos.

(And I agree with Steph on the Popeye Pronunciation.)


i did shiva nata once and i swear it changed my life. maybe i should consider doing it again.

excellent post on the hows and whys and whats. and congrats on the teaching!

Your images are beautiful and I am intrigued by shiva nata. How exciting that you will be teaching it!

"rub your belly and pat your head while standing on your head and eating ribs and learning a foreign language.."

Lol. You have such a way with words. I love it! :)

The photos are beautiful- you're so creative and artistic.

@steph, @mahala: of course! popeye! popeye would totally approve. and yes, definitely a hard c. :)

@tami: at a teacher training? totally!

@tracy: such a beautiful connection to notice. it makes me want to more regular with my practice again.

@bullwinkle: that's fantastic! i'm excited for you and your idea!

@meredith: meditation-through-motion. you know, that is a great description. it's not so much that i feel like i'm meditating exactly but that i am in a state of intense concentration that blocks everything else out. which, i think, is sort of what meditation feels like, even if i'm not concentrating on something specific?

@josiane: i know you'll find a way - and it will be fabulous!

Absolutely love the photos and love the explanation. It's a perfect addition to the retreat venue. I have to get busy and find a few more retreaters!

This sounds amazing!!! Well done and yay for Shiva Nata training! You'll be awesome!

And I get what you say when art just seems to flow better - things seem to slot into place when I've done Shivanata for days in a row :)

Oh, these are all lovely, but number six absolutely takes my breath away.

Health and understanding are the two great blessing of life.

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